Dunfermline Chess Club Constitution (revised: February 2003, April 2007)

1. Name of Club
Dunfermline Chess Club

2. Objectives
The purpose of the club is to provide and assist the playing of chess for all standards of players. The club will participate in organised competitions as decided by the Annual General Meeting or club committee.

3. Governing Body
The club will be run on an informal basis, but day to day decisions shall be decided by a majority of the club committee, within the bounds of the constitution. The committee members are as follows CHAIRMAN, SECRETARY, TREASURER, CLUB CAPTAIN, CLUB TOURNAMENT CONTROLLER, ALL OTHER TEAM CAPTAINS

4. Roles of the elected office bearers
4.1. Chairman -- The chairman will be responsible for running the Annual General Meeting, representing the club at any official functions and calling any committee meetings. The chairman is also responsible for chairing any committee meetings.
4.2. Secretary -- The secretary will be responsible for all correspondence between the club and outside agencies.
4.3. Treasurer -- The treasurer will also collect any monies due, be it weekly, annually or one off. These monies should be recorded and a final financial statement should be presented to the AGM for adoption. The treasurer is authorised to pay all fees and subscriptionsthatrelate to competitions the club has decided to enter. The treasurer is also authorised to pay the weekly fees such as room rental. Any other expenditure must be authorised by a majority of the committee. The treasurer is authorised to operate a bank account in the clubs name. There will be three authorised signatories for this account Chairman Treasurer Secretary
4.4. Club Captain -- The first team captain will be responsible for picking a team to represent the club in competitions entered by the club. He will have the first choice of any club members. He will be responsible for organising the team, the transport and the contact with other clubs for the purpose of matches.
4.5. Club Tournament Controller -- The club tournament controller shallorganise the internal competitions decided by the clubat the AGM. He will decide any disputes, defaulted games or exceptions to defaultsrelating to the organisation of these competitions. If any decisions are not accepted by any member the member should use the complaints procedureas detailed in Section 7. The tournament controller will submit results to the secretary who will pass them to the chief grader.
4.6. Other Team Captains -- The second and subsequent captains should choose their teams from the remaining club members after the team above them have been chosen. Each team captain will be responsible for the team organisation as in 4.4

5. Transaction of meetings
5.1. Annual General Meeting -- The Annual General Meeting for the following year shall be determined at the current AGM. Changes can also be made to the date of this AGM can be made following an EGM. The AGM shall elect the governing body and decide the clubactivities for the coming season.
5.2. Membership Fees -- The membership fees for the season shall be decided by the AGM by a majority of the voting members.
5.3. Quorum --A quorum for the AGM shall be one third of the previous years membership.
5.4. Casting Vote -- In the event of a tied vote, the chairman shall have the casting vote.

6. Eligibility
6.1. Voting -- The only people allowed a vote at the AGM, or subsequent EGM’s are fully paid up members from the previousseason whose membership was paid before 1st May of the current calendar year. In the case of an EGM, the only current members are entitled to vote.
6.2. Committee -- Anyone can be proposed for the committee at the AGM or EGM but they must give up their position, if elected, if they have not paid the full membership fee by the 31st of October of that calendar year.Each elected member must be proposed and seconded at the AGM and/or EGM. In the event of more than one candidate,for any position,the selection shall be decided by a simple majorityvote.
6.3. Eligibility to Vote --Former long-standing members may be permitted to vote at either the club AGM or any EGM at the discretion of the club Chairman. Permission to vote must be obtainedprior to the meeting.

7. Disputes Procedure
7.1. Laws of Chess -- In the event of a dispute arising over the laws of chess or over a chess position between two members, then the outcome will be decided by the highest graded club member present not involved in the dispute.
7.1.1. Appeal Procedure 1-- Should one or more parties disagree with the decision of the highest graded club member present they should put their complaint in writing to the club secretary within one month of the incident. Failure to do so will make the decision of the highest graded club member stand.
7.1.2. Appeal Procedure 2 -- When the club secretary receives a complaint arising from 7.1.1 both parties should be informed, and if both parties are still in disagreement, the dispute will be settled by the committee which may refer it to an outside agent if necessary.
7.2. Other Grievances -- If a member has any other grievance, the member should put his complaint in writing to the secretary/treasurer and must be seconded by another eligible member. The chairman should organise a committee meeting within ten days of the secretary/treasurer receiving such a complaint. The committee will review the case and a majority decision should be made.

8. The Constitution
8.1. Changes --Any changes to the constitution can only be made at an AGM or EGM
8.2. Notice of Changes -- Any changes to the constitution must be displayed in the club premises at least 2 weeks before the meting to discuss the changes. This only applies to the playing season 1st September through 31st May.
8.3. Majority --A majorityof two thirds of members voting is required to make any constitutional changes, including proxy votes.
8.4. Special Case --If there is a unanimous vote in favour of a constitutional change, suggested at an AGM without prior notice, this would have the same effect as the normal process.
8.5. Extraordinary General Meeting -- An EGM shall be held within one month of being demanded by five members. The secretary shall display the date of this meeting and the matter to be discussed on the club premises.